Golden manager

In this leadership training, the manager learns to inspire and motivate his or her team members from contact, connection and coordination. Awareness of one's own behavior and its effect on others is the common thread through this training program. The manager adopts principles with which he or she can accelerate the development of their team members based on solidarity and involvement.

The 2 day online and offline training consists of; valuable insights, personal analyzes & tips, practical examples and engaging exercises for personal development.

Number of participants per group in consultation.

Golden team

During this team training, the team members go through the team development process of storming, forming, standardizing and performing. They take responsibility for their own contribution in an empowered way. After the training program, participants are able to turn customers into repeat ambassadors.

The 2 day online and offline training consists of; motivation analysis, talent analysis, personal learning plan, exercises and final presentation by the team.

Number of participants per group in consultation.

Enjoy learning from each other. Not because you have to,
but because employees want this themselves.

Golden seller

An online and offline sales training program that teaches participants to connect, connect and align with customers. The focus is on relationship building and how to link the personal information received from customers to conscious and unconscious purchasing desires. The 5-step plan 'You miss out on turnover' is the common thread through the training program.

After the 2 day training, the candidates are given the opportunity to test their knowledge online. Upon passing, they earn the 'Golden Seller' certificate.

Number of participants per group in consultation.


Having fun while keeping your finger on the pulse! Data will give input for your plan of action and acts as a baseline measurement to measure the progress.


Customer focus, seen through the hidden lens of the customer. Inspiring seminars for everyone who wants to improve the contact they have with customers!


We’re not teaching you tricks, we are inspiring inspiration. Get a sustainable increase in turnover because of happy customers and happy employees!


That little extra can make the difference between excelling and staying in the middle. Trust is within yourself, by being loyal to yourself.