Who I am

I’m Ad and I’ve been living with the “rowdy boy” in me for 55 years. Usually, he shows up when we’re talking marketing. His uninhibited mind runs away with me and takes me with him in his creative adventures. I’m married to Marieke. Every day I enjoy (sometimes the exact opposite) the bouncing hormones of our two sons. 

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Making customers happy

All my life, I’ve worked in sales. I get to make customers happy with the unexpected, which I really like. Pampering customers, pleasantly surprising them so they are affected and will return. That’s the reason I spread my wings 20 years ago as a self-employed person: to have total freedom over the flow of doing business. I’m helping companies get a higher turnover by making their customers happier, and their employees happier and more involved.

Seminars for everyone who wants to improve the contact they have with customers.
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The why

Since my father passed away, I’m more conscious of life. I look differently at things and ask myself questions like ‘Why am I doing the things I’m doing? Who am I? What makes me happy?’ I’m discovering more and more how beautiful people are, how connected we all are. I also see the pain, the sadness and the powerlessness to connect. It touches me, and I feel the desire to help these people be happier by connecting. With themselves and with others.

‘Happy people make the world economically healthy!’

Happy people are my future! Happy people make the world economically healthy, sustainable, united, prospering, powerful and safe. We’re developing techniques that help us feel happier. We’re learning from each other, are more open and achieve inner growth. I have 100% faith in the future because I believe in myself and in us! That’s where the magic does its work.

Trainer and inspiration for leading companies
in the Netherlands for 20 years!