Who I am

Entrepreneurial blood has flowed through my veins since childhood. After trade school my career started in retail. My dedication, enthusiasm and open-mindedness are contagious and give people energy and inspiration. My brain is creative, thinks outside the box and makes me do things differently than others.

Are we meet?

What I do

The backbone of your business is the people who work there. By ensuring that their core qualities perfectly align with the company's vision and culture, you increase engagement, productivity, creativity, and the end result. This is where my passion lies: finding, training, and guiding the right people. With my proven method of recruitment, inspiring seminars, and intensive training and coaching in personal development, I create an environment in which everyone can thrive and grow. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your team and take your business to new heights, I am ready to help you.

Seminars for everyone who wants to improve their connecting with customers.
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Why I do it

I experience every assignment as an adventure and challenge, each in its own way. It is the excitement and the discovery of possibilities that makes my heart beat faster. When talent grows, I become happy. I enjoy when the quality increases and flow is created in solidarity and connection. The anticipation and the way there is one big party.  

What it will bring you

Passion, fun, positive energy, drive, peace, structure, solidarity and organic growth. That's what it gets you. What does it ‘cost’ you? Commitment, attention, time, connection, openness, honesty and purity. There is no bloom without growth. Give this process of change time and space so that it has a chance to take root.

Consultant and inspiror for leading companies, more than 20 years!