Who I am

My name is Ad van Beek and whole my life I’m working in the retail. As a 15 years young boy I started bundling clothes-hangers and 13 years later eresponsible for 35 fashion stores. My dedication and enthusiasm are contagious, people around me get energy from there. I think outside the box because of my creative brain. My uninhibited behavior makes me do things differently than others. Through the years my experience developed a clear vision of the retail: success guaranteed!

Are we going to meet?

Making customers happy

20 years ago I spread my entrepreneurs-wings and started my training institute Shop Academy. My mission: to make the world a better place by helping entrepreneurs in the retail to increase happy customers and committed happy employees. That worked-oud very well. Shop Academy is growing by openly sharing our values and contributing to the success of many retailers.

Seminars for everyone who wants to improve the contact they have with customers.
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Why stores

Stores are more than needed in our society, their role is very important. Each day millions of customers, from all social levels, visit stores. The influence of stores on our ‘social morality’ is huge and often underestimated.  I helps entrepreneurs to recognize that ‘value’ and multiply it to success! That’s why I believe in the power of stores and the principle of reciprocity: what you give you get back.  

The future

Happy sellers make customers happy! That’s the future of shopping for me. ‘Happy’ retail makes the economy healthy, sustainable, togetherness, prosperous, powerful and safe. We develop manners and techniques that help us be more happy with happy customers as a result. The physical store as a new concept. Experiences, encounters and discovery are the key to your success. Go for Gold!

Trainer and inspiration for leading companies
in the Netherlands for 20 years!