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You’re passing up turnover

Turnover success in 5 steps!
Discover how to quickly get 25% more turnover.

Yes, I’d like more turnover!

Trainer and inspiration for leading companies
in the Netherlands for 20 years!


Is your company not getting the turnover you want? Have you lost the drive to shine? Do your employees find it difficult to speak to customers?

What would it be like if you had more fun in your daily activities? If your employees were very motivated to score and double your turnover?

My 5 step method will help you get your turnover through the roof and work passionately.

I want to get started!
DO YOU NEED A boost of inspiration for your business?

Running a store is making sure your customers want yóu to have a high turnover!


A boost of inspiration for your business

Let go of your tunnel vision and be surprised during one of my seminars.
During these seminars, you’ll get a wake-up call with essential eye-openers, powerful practical examples and inspiring tips and tricks you can apply yourself the next day. All of this in Ad’s style: informal, chock full of humor and focused on positive results!

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Building a successful company

Let your company grow like you’ve never experienced before. Forget those marginal increases in turnover and think bigger! Get acquainted with the ‘Dynamic Program of Business Growth and Strength’. A complete training program that focuses on the continuous process of customer contact improvement that will make your company flow like never before.

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Look around now

Marco van Drunen (Superdry)

“Ad makes salespeople and managers become aware of their own behaviour by self-reflecting in a way that is very close to themselves.”

Hans Kuijf
(State of Art)

“We choose Ad, because sales is about an honest and sincere connection with your customers. Ad works from the heart.”

Peter van Maagdenberg (Media Markt)

“Ad is passion, fun and connection. He trained our salespeople in those three skills for the last 3 years, with success!”