A boost of inspiration for your business

Broaden your field of vision and be surprised during my seminar 'Closer to your customer'. I'll wake you up with essential eye openers, powerful practical examples and inspiring tips to apply the next day. Informal, full of enthusiasm and focused on positive results. Make an appointment and experience it!

Give yourself a wonderful experience that will make you think: Wow.. I wish I had done this sooner!

Customer has priority

Whether you work in retail, financial and business services, catering or government, customers want to be seen and feel welcome. If you do that right, a customer will be so touched that he doesn't want to leave you anymore. I would be happy to teach you how to do that, viewed from the customer's point of view.

Business in attention

All you have to do is listen to customers, for that they seek contact, for that little bit more. Pamper customers, pamper them to the last decimal place. Don't sell products or services, let customers buy themselves. What do I mean by that? I would like to let you experience that during the seminar.

Hunt for the smile

Let customers fall a little bit in love with you and your business. Address the child in yourself, evoke that open-mindedness in you and have fun playing with your customers. Look for what pleases the other, lies awake, does not say but radiates. A journey of discovery into the desires of your customers with passion and pleasure. You're going to experience it!

Consultant and inspiror for leading companies, more than 20 years!