Do it

“Dear Pieter van Vollenhoven, my wife bought your Yamaha grand piano but was very disappointed when she realized that the purchase turned out to be in her dream. Question: do you have a Yamaha grand piano and is it for sale?”

While waiting for my operation in the Radboud hospital, I decided to send Pieter that personal note. Address: Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, that will probably arrive. Go, put a stamp on it and post that letter.

Six weeks later I got a call from Pieter's secretary. “We received your letter and thought it was a super nice question. Pieter does indeed have a Yamaha grand piano, but it is not for sale. That is why we have made an appointment for you with the director of Yamaha Benelux.”

Arriving in the foyer of the shiny headquarters full of shiny wings, a grim-looking man was waiting for us at the top of the stairs. With a pointing finger and an angry tone, he said to my wife, “You made a very big mistake.” We were shocked. With a roaring laugh he said right after it, “you should have dreamed about me!”

A few hours later we were back in the car. "Pinch me, is this a dream?" Suddenly she was the proud owner of a brand new Yamaha grand piano that only had to be on stage at the North Sea Jazz festival. World artists, including Herbie Hancock, showed their talent and sweaty played 'her' grand piano. For years, my wife's piano students have followed their musical hearts on the same grand piano.

Live your dream, do it!

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