Dare to say 'no' to a customer!

The water has been up to my lips a few times, even over it a few times. I continued, because you don't say 'no' to a customer, do you? Until my heart got overloaded. I came to the conclusion that I no longer wanted that full agenda with all the associated stress. But how? The answer took a while to arrive until the moment…

an entrepreneur asked me, 'what does that training get me in?' That was the moment when I woke up. It is not a training that yields the most return, but my trajectory, the long-term collaboration. Let me not have had enough time for that, because I said yes to all my clients.

Dare to say 'no' to a customer, I do too! It gave me more time to do what I do best. It makes you happy and it creates space in your head and agenda. High return for you and your customer! Please, you already have that stunner in your pocket, nice start of this new year!

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