Inspiration seminar 'Closer to your Customer’ 
let's call

30 years active in retail of which 20 years trainer
and inspirer at leading retail companies!

Relationship with your customer

Would you like to spend an evening laughing with your store team and learning about customer service and service in your own store or at another location?

Inspire your team in a relaxed setting in a special way, namely through the eyes of the hidden camera of the customer, maybe even their customer :))

2 hours of essential eye-openers, powerful practical examples and inspiring tips and tricks to apply immediately the next day. A sales seminar that will be discussed for a long time to come.

“If you want tomorrow to be different from yesterday, you have to change your action today!” 

This is what you will learn!

The seminar will make your heart beat faster. You become more aware of what contact, connection and coordination with customers and colleagues means to you, by feeling, thinking and doing. It makes you a freer person. During the seminar we will get to work with some exercises from the flow-method as part of my 'Go for Gold' training programs. The seminar makes you happy.


You gain insight into yourself and discover how you can deepen your contact with yourself and the customer.

to experience

You experience what the flow method does to you by putting it into practice. Not individually but with other participants in the room. Do not read and forget, but hear, see, feel and do.

To discover

You discover that personal development is fun and that there is more room to grow than you thought. You go back to your store with a wow feeling and are eager to get started with what you have learned.

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