Virtual learning environment

A online learning platform for talent development, innovation and team inspiration. The candidates run through a talent and motivation test, match the result to their job profile and run through tailor-made online and offline interventions such as: video learning, e-learning, coaching and group training.

Intrinsic motivation

On the learning platform, each candidate chooses their own learning path, each in their own way and pace, matching what they need for continuous improvement and growth, connected to the vision, mission and objectives of your company. That makes candidates pleased and happy.

Enjoy learning from each other. Not because you have to, but because employees want this themselves. That’s the success of the online learning platform.

Happy business

Happy employees make customers happy and cause a financial effect of factor 3.4 (source: Q&A). That means three point four times more than when employees and customers aren't happy enough. The question is, how happy are your employees and how much growth is possible in this?


Having fun while keeping your finger on the pulse! Data will give input for your plan of action and acts as a baseline measurement to measure the progress.


Customer focus, seen through the hidden lens of the customer. Inspiring seminars for everyone who wants to improve the contact they have with customers!


We’re not teaching you tricks, we are inspiring inspiration. Get a sustainable increase in turnover because of happy customers and happy employees!


That little extra can make the difference between excelling and staying in the middle. Trust is within yourself, by being loyal to yourself.