You’ll only notice it when you see it!

The customer enters your store. They stop near a pair of nice shoes. Hesitatingly, they look around to see if they could try on the shoes. Your staff is less than 5 meters away, looking outside. The hairs on the back of your neck rise. You’re frustrated about this situation. Guess you have to go to the customer… Too late…

The program

I developed a program that will make your salespeople happy, enthusiastic and intrinsically motivated to work together towards one goal: happy customers who return home with a purchase and a smile on their faces. How nice would it be if you knew that every seller, every day, sees the customers and starts a hospitable conversation with them?

Having fun learning from each other. Not because you háve to, but because the salespeople themselves want to. Thát’s the basis of our program and of turnover success!

4 disciplines

The program consists of four parts, each with its own program parts. The teamwork between the program parts determines how high the turnover success is. Of course we will integrate existing training programs and forge this into a powerful whole that fits your company’s culture.


Having fun while keeping your finger on the pulse! Data will give input for your plan of action and acts as a baseline measurement to measure the progress.


Customer focus, seen through the hidden lens of the customer. Inspiring seminars for everyone who wants to improve the contact they have with customers!


We’re not teaching you tricks, we are inspiring inspiration. Get a sustainable increase in turnover because of happy customers and happy employees!


That little extra can make the difference between excelling and staying in the middle. Trust is within yourself, by being loyal to yourself.