Give yourself a wonderful experience that will make you think: Wow.. I wish I had done this sooner!

A boost of inspiration for your business

Let go of your tunnel vision and be surprised during one of my seminars. During these seminars, you’ll get a wake-up call with essential eye-openers, powerful practical examples and inspiring tips and tricks you can apply yourself the next day. All of this in Ad’s style: informal, full enthusiasm and focused on positive results!


Closer to your Customer

Customerconnection, through the lens of a customer. A seminar for everyone who wants to improve contact with their customers. How do you make contact? What inhibits you? How do you improve the contact? What kind of effect does your body language and behaviour have on the contact you have with your customer? Closer to your customer starts by being closer to yourself. An inspiring seminar that moves you, teaches you, and helps you get happier customers who buy more.

Have fun make Profit

During this follow-up seminar, I will teach you about body language and behaviour in relation to the steps of the sales process. You will discover and experience the differences between contact and connection. You will do what suits you, find your strength and learn how to use it at the right time with your customers.

Don’t sell!

A sales seminar for everyone who makes contact with customers and is ready to learn the finer points of the sales trade. For optimal benefits, I advise you do the assignments from the free 5 steps plan ‘You’re passing up turnover’ and really master them before the seminar. An interactive seminar, focused on the steps of the sales process in relation to body language and behaviour.

Consultant and inspiror for leading companies
in the Netherlands for 20 years!