Organisation advice 

Market change requires policy and behavioral change. Not only for maintaining market position, but also for growth. Change starts from the core of your company; the management team, the board members. Does this core team have the required core qualities and the inner ability to deliver these qualities? Ad takes a fresh look, connects, informs, coordinates, measures, observes, analyses, reports and advises, regardless of hierarchical influence.


Behavioral change requires training. Learning from and with each other. Starting point: the management team as an organism, the beating heart of your company. Training connects the soul of the management team to the business of your company, in line with the strategy. The interplay between online and offline learning as a lever in optimizing quality. The bridge to achieving shared business goals. Ad brings flow and fire to the corporate culture by stimulating talent.

Enjoy learning from each other. Not because you have to,
but because employees want this themselves. 


Training requires deepening personal development, in safety and trust. Coaching helps to increase the prospects of the management team members by improving and embedding their core qualities. A talent and motivation test is part of the coaching process. Without friction no shine. Ad opens, makes aware and learns to let go of the old so that space is created for the new, without the risk of relapse.


Having fun while keeping your finger on the pulse! Data will give input for your plan of action and acts as a baseline measurement to measure the progress.


Customer focus, seen through the hidden lens of the customer. Inspiring seminars for everyone who wants to improve the contact they have with customers!


We’re not teaching you tricks, we are inspiring inspiration. Get a sustainable increase in turnover because of happy customers and happy employees!


That little extra can make the difference between excelling and staying in the middle. Trust is within yourself, by being loyal to yourself.