Your company as a beating heart

You want a company where the bell rings every day as soon as your people have scored a new customer. That they see work not as work but as themselves. Where they can be who they are, feel at home, laugh with each other, create, develop personally, connect, coordinate, build bridges and achieve results.

A company where your employees feel like co-owners and loss is part of the growth process. Where emotions are shared openly to promote collaboration and results. Your company as the beating heart, an organic whole.

Such a top company is feasible! I have developed an annual program for my company Shop Academy that realizes that. I have worked very hard on this for 20 years, gained knowledge and tested it in practice at a wide scale of companies. The annual 'Go for Gold' program focuses on improving hospitality, service, collaboration, sales and leadership. Every company is unique and has its own configuration. Shop Academy thinks along with you!

We link the tailor-made annual program to a closed platform in which various modules can be set up for support, such as: e-learning, psychological testing, remote coaching, mutual sharing of knowledge and experience.

Let the heart of your company beat as it once did. Go through the annual program!