You win like this

As a new football coach, I step into the locker room. The boys are slouching over the benches and looking at me expectantly. "Guys, this is your first game. I have an assignment: you go into the field as an animal. What kind of animal do you want to be?”

The boys look at each other strangely but resolutely reply, "a lion." I chuckle and ask them the next question. “What sound does a lion make?” Immediately all the boys growl loudly and deeply. We're having fun, their power is increasing every second. "Okay lions, pay attention! What color eyes do your team members have? Take a good look at each other, because they are the ones who, together with you, will make the difference between winning or losing.”

So, what are we going to do?! Win or lose?” The boys yell in unison, “WIN!” I ask them to put their arms around each other's shoulders in a circle and look everyone in the eye for a moment. I shout, 'and... what are we going to do?' They all scream loudly, 'WIN!!'

Week after week they fly like lions across the turf, mercilessly blowing off all opponents and grabbing the cup as proud winners! What's the secret to this winning recipe?

Dare to be open-minded, to give just that little bit more than usual, and know who you are doing this with! The power that is released is so strong that the impossible becomes possible. After every battle comes a reward. A party to celebrate achievement, but also loss. Because loss is not loss. It's one step further towards the solution: winning!