Why Hudson's Bay Didn't Make It!

Millions of euros have been invested in shop fitting, marketing, collection, and yet they did not make it. How is that possible? Hudson's Bay has not invested enough in the golden key to success: people. Too few staff and too busy with peripheral matters instead of focusing on making customers happy. The classic mistake, what a shame!

Expensive recruiters have recruited, trained and placed many top salespeople. Despite this investment, it was precisely that group that quickly ran off and left the ship. Why? They wanted to help customers but did not have enough time and space to do so. Through LinkedIn, I received messages like this almost daily from distraught top salespeople asking me for help.

Last year Hudson's Bay lost 2200 euros per location per hour, daily! How is it possible that labor costs are being cut when the Golden key for success is the salespeople who make customers happy? The primary process in stores is not about products or brands, but about meeting customers. Am I no longer speaking the language of this time? Should I just stop doing it?