Inspire is the new learning

“What does it take for entrepreneurs to be successful in the rapidly changing world of customer contact, and how am I going to help them with that?” I asked myself those two questions last year after the majority of my training courses and seminars were moved in one fell swoop to 2021 due to the corona measures. Suddenly I had extra time. I decided to do what I advise entrepreneurs to do in times of crisis. ‘Stand still, think ahead, do what you are good at and do it differently!

After more than 20 years of having inspired hundreds of sales teams and thousands of managers live, I had to switch a lot last year. Live was no longer allowed, just what I like and am good at. Oops, now what? If meetings and events are no longer allowed, how do entrepreneurs keep their employees involved, motivated and inspired? So how do entrepreneurs teach their employees to connect with customers in a new way, to enter into relationships and to make the difference with their competitors, especially now that this is so much needed?

The answer presented itself.

Last year I worked on an online platform that is different from all the others, matching what I am good at, inspiring. A confidential learning environment where employees discover themselves, inspire themselves, what makes them happy, gives them energy and makes their hearts beat faster. A place where employees learn from and with each other, each in his or her own way and pace. Where it is safe to experiment with new ideas, mistakes are not mistakes but growth, by sharing and doing.

The platform gives direction to everyone's personal learning path and is connected to the vision, mission and long-term goals of their company.

Curious about this unique platform, decorated in the corporate identity of your company?