The core of growth is in the MT

“If you're really worthless at something, you lack the skills you need to know that you're absolutely worthless at it. People who have no idea what they are doing actually do not realize that they have no idea what they are doing.” (Quote from a speech by John Cleese)

If you are not good at something and your company does require quality, that is an opportunity to develop yourself, to become better at it. If you are not intrinsically motivated to want to learn in this area and do not stimulate this in the employees you manage, the company will not grow further.

The core of growth is not in the employees, but in the management team. But tell me, do you know of a management team that has the guts to take a beating on the decision to examine themselves only to discover that they are inadequate in the performance of their duties?

It's the fear of losing that keeps that decision from being made. Afraid of losing the job, the status, the money, the security. Millions of euros are invested in change processes around the management team, which misses the mark. With slogans such as 'let's change the rules of the game', managers travel across the country and put thousands of employees to the sword with all the consequences that entails. Total capital destruction.

The only person who can really make change in a company is the CEO, provided he is free of that fear virus, with the backing of the Board of Directors. Determine your company's core values, your company's BIOS (Basic Input-Output System), and guard it as the holy of holies. Work from the inside out, like a stone you throw in the water with the circles around it.

They are not called CORE values ​​for nothing.