Inspire is the new learning

Give and receive. As a 'King of the Road' I am proudly behind the wheel of my freshly bought empty camper, the Hymer eXsis. On the way to Obelink in Winterswijk, specialist in camping & outdoor, the largest offer in Europe, 72,500 square meters of camping pleasure. Enough stuff to fill the eXsis well, I'll send an hour for that. Arriving at the camping paradise, I park eXsis at a camper place, get out and occasionally walk back and look full of anticipation towards the shop. What am I going to buy? My shopping list is getting longer and longer. 'Obelink unpacking' I see somewhere. That works out well, I unpack too, I feel a match. Suddenly I think, 'Cunt, no mouth cap. Normally I have them in the glove compartment, but yes, eXsis is still empty, so no mouth caps either. Shit, now what? Oh, they must be at the entrance.” Upon entering I see a friendly-looking woman sitting behind a plexiglass plate. My eye falls on an A4 with the text, 'Mouth caps 2 euro 95'. Suddenly I feel my buying enthusiasm disappear like snow in the sun and give way to a thunderstorm in a clear sky. Why do I have to pay for face masks? I've come here to bring my money and I've come a long way. Well, she can't help it either, so why get mad? Then I'll have some mouth caps in stock, right?' These thoughts made my head light again. The woman handed me a face mask. "That's 2 euros 95." I remained silent. Per Unit? I buy that stuff at Bol for 0.06 cents!! Road light. With a plume of black smoke over my head, I pay silently, step into the store, excited and only buy the bare essentials. Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, show that you are happy that customers come to your store. Surprise them, pamper them. Give them that mouth cap as a gift! That 0.06 cent investment yields so much more than 2 euros 95.