Shocked by the Healthcare

"Okay, okay, now I'm going for a walk with you" I say to Mies the dog. I close the laptop, put on my hiking boots and lock the door behind me. Suddenly my hands start to tingle and it feels strange on my chest. The cold sweat breaks out on me. Definitely ate something wrong, it will pass. I walk quietly.

While Mies drags me along, I feel worse and worse and realize too slowly that it won't go away on its own. After a long half an hour I can't do it anymore and I call the emergency room GPs in doubt. "Choose 1 for life-threatening situations." I choose 1.

The cordial emergency room lady hears me and asks in a calm, friendly tone not to take another step, 'the ambulance will come to you immediately'. Unfortunately I was in a place where cars could not come and the nice lady guided me home with small steps.

I lie in the chair, sweating profusely, with the front door ajar. A few minutes later, the paramedic enters the living room and acts accurately and compassionately. My heart rate of 230 accelerates the procedure and I am taken directly to the hospital by a second ambulance.

I am deeply touched. I get help from all sides and I am pampered, despite the fact that everyone is running out of their shoes because of too few staff. I am treated like royalty, warm, compassionate, caring, kind and decisive. What I've been looking for in retail all my life, I've found in healthcare.

Dear healthcare employees of Gelre hospitals in Apeldoorn, GPs Region Apeldoorn and White Cross Ambulance Service Apeldoorn, thank you for shocking and resetting my heart. This allows me to continue my mission in customer connection.

This blog is a boost for all healthcare staff in the Netherlands. Please continue to listen to your heart and don't let the procedures and bureaucracy get the better of you. Deep respect for how you as soldiers in the line of fire are lovingly fighting for the health of us as patients.