Selling is childishly easy

Thijs from Lelystad proves that, he is 13 years old.

One moment he is walking with his backpack across the shopping square on his way home from school, the next he is on the podium of the Stichting Ondernemersfonds Lelystad Centrum. How did that happen?

Last week I met Thijs while I was making my vlog in the center of Lelystad in preparation for my lecture to the city center entrepreneurs. I saw a boy slowly walk past me. Suddenly he stopped, sauntered about and then resolutely stepped towards me. “Are you a vlogger?” he asked curiously. He looked at me expectantly and patiently waited for my answer with his hair flowing.

Thijs didn't want to sell me anything. His purpose was not to take advantage of our meeting. What he wanted were answers because the curious little boy in him wanted them, that open-minded boy with his sincere interest. We started talking, also about shopping.

Last night Thijs stood next to me on stage, told his story and gave the shopkeepers tips. How wonderful life can be when you listen to that little child's voice in you and do what you really want. The result: closer to yourself and closer to others. I probably don't need to explain what that does to your store. ;)

Advice from Thijs: 'ask personal questions, make it fun, because otherwise the customers will leave.' It's that simple.

What Thijs can do, you can do too, right?