Selling can be that simple!

In this article I will tell you how you can achieve a significant increase in turnover without costs. I take a shoe store as an example and assume that you are able to make the translation to your company yourself. The method costs you nothing and is very simple. All you have to do is be enthusiastic, dare to ask questions and do some math.

Suppose you have to achieve a turnover of 20,000 euros this week (equivalent to last year) with an additional sales percentage of 2%. The additional sales (such as jars of shoe polish and protector spray cans) in this case amount to 400 euros. Let's say you want to achieve an increase of 1% extra upsell this week. To achieve this, you have to sell 200 euros extra shoe polish and protector spray cans.

To visualize how many additional sales have to be sold this week, stack 600 euros worth of protector spray cans on the counter. Suppose these aerosols cost 15 euros each, then there are 40 aerosols on your counter waiting to be sold this week.

Suppose you sold all 40 aerosol cans by the end of the week. What percentage of additional sales have you achieved?

I sometimes ask the participants in the room that question during my seminar. I can tell you that the answers vary widely, from 3% to 100%. I predict that if you have sold all 40 aerosol cans, the percentage of additional sales will fall to 1.5%.

Now I hear you thinking, 'Huh, how is that possible?' and 'Yeah, but how do I realize that significant increase in turnover?' The solution is simple. The focus is no longer on the main product of shoes, but on the side sales, in this case the aerosol cans. What must be sold first before an aerosol can be offered? Yes indeed, shoes. Because the focus is on those 40 aerosols, sellers will put in more effort to sell the main product!

That extra effort is primarily in getting in touch with customers. The number of customer contacts is increasing. Because the focus is on the aerosols, the sellers go on a 'hunt' for information by asking questions with the aim of arriving at advice. For example about specific maintenance. ‘How nice would it be if the shoes in your situation remain dry, so that you prevent cold feet?’

The pile of aerosols on the counter enthuses and motivates sellers, more customers are addressed, more sales conversations arise, the conversations become more personal and the main product increases in added value because of the maintenance advice.


- The number of buying customers is increasing (conversion).
- The proportion of customers who only buy shoes is increasing (versus           
   shoes + by-products).
- The chance of a 2nd pair of sales per customer increases.

Customers experience a welcome feeling.
Because of the personal contact, customers are open to additional products.
Customers give positive reviews on social media.
More by-products are sold than those 40 aerosols.

And in this way you achieve a significant increase in turnover, or perhaps even more than a lot because of you!