Sellers are people too

As a customer you put money and energy into shopping, you want something in return. Personal attention, because you don't get that on the Internet. We as customers want to be heard and seen instead of feeling rejected. Sellers want that too, just like us. You can read in the next paragraph how you manage to leave the store with a good feeling and a successful purchase.

Upon entering, look the salesperson in the eye and return his greeting with a friendly "good morning" as you connect with a smile. This increases the chance that the seller will ask you a cordial open question, which creates a personal conversation and you feel seen and heard. Simple huh? For 100% success, you open the conversation with the comment 'What a nice store this is'.

That is not always easy. Because, suppose you had an argument just before you went shopping? Then you are not in the mood to contact the seller. But you know? There are shops where sellers practice the selling trade. They have been taught to control their own emotions and behavior, to give them direction, to connect with customers, to make you feel happy. It's nice that there are shops where you can just be yourself!