See, listen and dare

Selling is like driving a car, an interplay between shifting gears, coupling, looking, directing, braking and accelerating, depending on the situation. You learn this interplay by practicing a lot, so that the meeting with your customer becomes an increasingly fitting and flowing whole without the feeling that you are selling.

The way in which you enter into a conversation with your customer determines the further course. In practice, it appears that the most effective customer approach is a conversation that is as personal as possible. So, chat with your client. Start with words that are personal, that suit you and come straight from your heart. Words that are creative, unique and special. After all, they are also meant for a unique and special person.

These personal words will automatically pop up when you make contact and connection with your customer. How? By not just looking and hearing, but by seeing and listening! That is quite scary for many sellers. Listening to the other is like standing in front of the mirror, seeing yourself and listening.

Don't avoid yourself and others! Have the courage to ask that unique question or comment that pops into your mind. That makes the difference between a standard meeting or the start of a long-term customer relationship.