One compliment a day

Treat your employees the way you want them to treat customers! That gives a boost to the positivity in your company. Ask yourself every day: 'How many employees have I made happy today?' Don't you have any employees? Then think about every customer you help: 'how would I like to be helped?', and reward yourself with the thought 'I did that well.'

Happy employees make customers happy, resulting in more sales. That is not higher mathematics but a simple law of nature. Everything you give positive attention grows, provided it comes from your heart without expecting anything in return. That's when you receive. The law of reciprocity. Give one compliment to every employee or customer every day and your business will grow like never before. Because here too the following applies: Running a business is making sure that the customers grant you the turnover!

The great thing about this multiplier is that it costs you nothing and that, in addition to that extra turnover, it also gives you a wonderful positive vibe. If that doesn't turn out to be a blast in 2020! ;)