Middle management, that's where it goes wrong

An empowered organization, the ideal picture. Everyone works from the same 'belief', encourages and coaches each other on the 'what' and the 'how'. One big happy family, beautiful! But is that really the case?

There is often confusion and dissatisfaction within an empowered organization. “Culprits” are the middle managers. Why? They do not have the time to lead their organization in an empowered way. The pressure from above and below takes care of this. Middle managers have their own rules, independent of that policy, resulting in clashing cultural differences.

Directors, do you want to get a successful empowered organization and the finger behind the middle managers? Give them more space, time and money to really empower their organization. To turn their teams into Golden Teams so that empowerment can flow through all layers of the company, without blockages.

Bringing about a short-term change in your company is not that difficult. It is more difficult to create an empowered culture that continues as a Lemniscate ∞ for a long time.

Empower the middle manager, then it goes well!