Customers pay your mortgage

Last fourteen days I was a guest on Curaçao, invited by Building Depot to give my seminar 'Serka di bo kliente', 'Closer to your customer'. A wonderful opportunity to visit the shops in Willemstad. I was impressed by the cordiality, but most sellers didn't get much further than 'bon dia, can I help you'. I lacked the spirit to get to know me as a customer and to make me happy with a purchase. Everyone wants to be seen and heard, worldwide. My mission was clear, my task specific. So I started working at Building Depot.

“As a co-worker you are co-owner of the company where you work. Because customers pay the mortgage on your house, the food for your family, the electricity bill, your holiday, your car, your beers in the pub. You and your colleagues are responsible for the results of your company, for each other's happiness. Don't be afraid of your role as co-owner, your vision, your behavior. It is your personal responsibility to make your colleagues aware of this, every minute, hour, day and week.”

Incidentally, this does not only apply to Curaçao. But also in the Netherlands, Suriname, Costa Rica, Sint Maarten, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand or anywhere in the world. So.. help your co-owners, your business partners, and give them the spirit.

Make them happy!!