I'm still looking forward

You pull out all the stops to make customers happy, to inform and to convince. Yet you often hear them say 'I'll look further'. Recognizable? Find the benefit for your customer and the product will sell itself.

Customers hate salespeople who talk a lot. This gives them the feeling that they have to buy. That costs money, they don't want that. Discover the meaning for your customer and you will be rewarded with the words 'pack it up'.

When I visit stores, I often hear sellers list benefits of products. Benefits that have no meaning for me as a customer because sellers have not listened to my story. As a result, they miss the mark badly and I look further.

In the step-by-step plan 'You miss out on turnover' I zoom in on the core of sales and teach sellers the EVN method: property, advantage, utility. During my seminars I often get the question 'what is the difference between benefit and utility?'

Usefulness is the benefit of the benefit, the meaning. Example: the step-by-step plan 'you leave turnover behind' teaches salespeople to successfully apply the EVN method in small steps (property). As a result, more customers buy (benefit) and turnover (utility) increases. Do you also want more turnover?