I like you

Virtually all store salespeople make the same classic mistake every day that results in a lot of lost sales. They are too hasty and too focused on the products and sales!

Systems and procedures are the culprits, which means that many salespeople no longer have the time to genuinely help customers from the heart. At least that's what the sellers say. But you know? There is time enough! They just don't pay enough attention to it.

Let's say you're a customer and tell the store salesperson that you're looking for a new pair of shoes for your son's prom. What would be the effect if the salesperson said sincerely and spontaneously, "Congratulations, nice! What kind of exam did he take?”

Exactly, you feel heard and seen. So, take a moment to think about your customer. It improves the relationship and increases the goodwill factor, so that customers buy from you faster. Unfortunately, most sellers don't get past, 'what kind of shoes are you looking for?'

Take those extra few seconds. Make eye contact, set your heart on that of your customer and think to yourself 'I like you.' Address the child in yourself and hold out your hand openly. Who knows, the customer might suddenly give you a hand back while you hear yourself say, 'Welcome to our store, how nice of you to come to us’.