How you think about customers is how you treat customers!

'That fat red one doesn't buy anything' or 'that sleazy tall one doesn't fit in with our clientele.' But we don't know prejudices. While entrepreneurs do their best to meet the needs of the market, a large group of customers shuffles dissatisfied between the meshes of the marketing net.

How is it possible that the car salesman thinks that a customer in three-piece gray is measuring an Opel Isignia, while he stigmatizes the man in jeans as a Corsa driver? Perhaps the man's three-piece gray is his only suit and the jeans wearer is a millionaire.

Sticking labels is lightning fast and is irrevocably followed by behaviour. The salesperson is more interested in a smooth-talking customer who didn't buy anything than the dull-looking customer who wants to buy two pairs of shoes. Or, a customer who wants to go to a trendy party is looked at strangely in a trendy fashion store because his clothes are out of tune.

Customers can turn out to be more interesting than the first sight would have you believe. Be open and never pigeonhole customers. Teach your salespeople to think differently! Selling is easy huh? I don't have to tell you that, because luckily you never stigmatize. Not you!