How store sellers drive more profit

By increasing the pressure on results, a lot of profit is lost! A contrary effect. That's what my last LinkedIn post was about, maybe you've read it. Many entrepreneurs asked me the question 'but how to make more profit?' This blog is the answer to that question.

In many companies, the focus and attention is mainly on activities and actions that improve the KPIs without delving into the source: the action behind the activities and actions that lead to the result.

Measure and improve the quality of the action behind the activities and actions that lead to the result and your profit increases proportionally! I'll explain how.

Concentrate on the primary process of contacting customers. Know the pluses and minuses of your salespeople in terms of attitude & behavior in customer contact and know what their intentions are in improving this. Create a personal development plan with each salesperson and keep your finger on the pulse by measuring personal growth on a daily basis. Some examples:

● Measure the proportion of customer conversations versus viewers.
● Measure the proportion of happy customers versus neutral customers.
● Measure the share of personal customer conversations versus business
   customer conversations.

Open the day every day with fifteen minutes of team discussion. Name the personal improvement intention of the day together and ask each other to help with that. Avoid noncommittal by naming the personal growth results of the previous day. Find out who helped whom and whether that help contributed to the desired effect.

You may now be thinking, 'yes, but there are many more factors involved in realizing more profit?' You got that absolutely right. Motivation, discipline, involvement, culture, etc. There are more elements that influence the profit development.

We see it happening in practice every day. Personal development is the most powerful core of growth and increased profit, even if the other factors are unstable and fluctuating. How beautiful is that? Don't worry about the result. This is a consequence of the commitment, the way in which the activities and actions are carried out. Personal growth, that makes salespeople happy, after all, it is about the quality of their lives.

Happy salespeople make customers happy, resulting in a 3.4-fold increase in sales!

I wish you a lot of fun with this adventure to more profit. We at Shop Academy are happy to help you take advantage of every opportunity by using our training programs: GoudenTeam, GoudenVerkoper and GoudenKlant.

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