How I sell better than

Coolblue is a wonderful example of how smart technology is used to monitor and analyze customer needs and then respond to them with smart algorithms (calculations). In addition, various up- and cross-selling programs are running in the background. It is almost unfair for us as brick and mortar sellers to have to compete with these powerful formulas that 'know everything' about the customer and can analyze him or her from head to toe, at least, the internet behavior.

Yet I can say with certainty that I win with two fingers up my nose from this super smart technique. How? By using my senses, letting my brain crack, but above all by helping customers sincerely and from my heart. No computer or robot can copy me, no matter how smart they are! It is fantastic how technology is developing and how the advent of the internet provides us with wonderful new opportunities and insights. But what makes us human is the most powerful sales technique ever!

Listen to your feelings, dare to ask and be authentic!