Hotdog as a buy button

Just at the right time, the cordial saleswoman treats me with a broad smile. Her happy blue eyes touch my soul, what a feast! "I'm looking for a combi microwave," I tell her. After a few short questions, she enthusiastically opens the lid of some models and starts talking.

"Look," she says, "in this oven you can prepare delicious crispy chicken bones within ten minutes thanks to the special baking tray." I look at her lustfully and say, "That sounds delicious, especially if you're hungry." She responds almost immediately: 'Would you like something, would you like a hot dog?' It's only eleven o'clock, but I don't care. A little later I am sitting at the table with a delicious croquette sandwich and we chat about all kinds of things. Her spontaneity and open-mindedness are genuine, pure. The saleswoman enthusiastically talks about kitchens, asks questions and listens in a relaxed manner.

She discovers that a built-in cupboard and a kitchenette are needed around the combi microwave for my new office. Wow, I want to buy from her. Satisfied, I walk towards the exit with a stack of brochures past a video screen. I give the perfectly commercial smiling woman a wink. No reaction. Give me my own saleswoman. She is real.