Grab me

Geez, last weekend I was shopping at the Jumbo Supermarkets in Ommen with a friend, when the following happened.

Deep in conversation we walk through the store and fill our cart in peace. We pass the coffee machine, which seems to tell us 'get me'. I see Marcel looking, 'Ah, coffee, I'm looking forward to that'. He presses the button, the machine refuses. We see a movement, not from the coffee machine.

"Excuse it's broken," says the Jumbo employee shyly. She starts to turn a bit nervously. "Oh, never mind," says Marcel, "I don't need any more coffee." I look at her questioningly. She keeps turning knobs. Suddenly something unexpected happens.

In the fresh produce department I see a young man putting his stuffing aside. He looks up, comes over to me and gently grabs my shoulder. Leaning forward, he says, 'Shall I get you a nice cup of coffee from the staff canteen?'

Kees…. you catch me, great! You show with one movement what 'straight from your heart' customer loyalty means. Top! This podium for you, and not only on Linkedin, but also as an example during my training sessions and lectures!