Not 2G but SG

Not 2G but SG It has been brooding for a while, but the egg has hatched. It was love at first sight. On Hymer eXsis SG, the motorhome, my savior. SG helps me escape from 2G, that 'virus' that spreads faster than the corona itself.

2G is my enemy, but also my greatest friend. Without 2G I would not have come up with the idea: a camper as my mobile office, living room, restaurant, hotel with room service and breakfast in bed. A warm welcoming place that does not require a QR card to enter.

Does this appeal to you? Then I would be happy to come to you, pick you up and we will discuss your company and the opportunities and possibilities I see at a suitable location. What kind of treats do you want with your 'coffee'?

Nice, looking forward to it!