Excite your customer and your cash register will ring

Are you one of those retailers who complain about the success of online competitors? Be honest, you've just been sleeping!

Thanks to the technical possibilities of the Internet, online players know everything about their customers: what time they visit the webshop, what they look at, how long they stay, where they come from, what their buying behavior is. In fact, even data about relationships, birthdays, hobbies, and that after a visit of a few seconds.

And your staff? With a bit of luck, they will know approximately how many customers have been in your store at the end of the day. After this conclusion you can complain about that mighty Internet or you can wonder what opportunities you missed and sell yourself a big bang in the head!

Your staff has one big advantage over the Internet. They have the exclusive opportunity to connect with a customer, look them in the eye and learn 10x more about the customer out of genuine interest than Google, Facebook and Linkedin combined! You have a unique opportunity to experience customers as only us humans can.

Distinguish yourself with heroes on the shop floor, excel that no webshop can compete with. Touch your customer and your cash register will ring!