Every customer has a story to tell

“Good morning, what can I do for you?” asks the saleswoman after Mies barely steps over the threshold of the pet store with four legs, with me following. "Good morning" I answer while Mies enthusiastically jumps on those wonderfully scented bones. “Do you have a small harness for this sweet girl?” I ask the saleswoman. "Yeah, they're hanging there on the right."

I look around the store eagerly. Mies roamed the streets of Gran Canaria as a young puppy until she was found and put up for adoption through a foundation. A few weeks ago I picked up Mies from the airport. She has found her Golden Basket with us.

The saleswoman kindly helps Mies with a new harness. "Ahh," I say, "she's shaking all over. Of course she finds it very exciting such a cold new country'. No reaction. After a few more attempts I pay the bill and we leave the delicacy shop where Mies looks back with a licking beard.

She could have made me her Golden Client, by listening carefully, by asking me questions. Then she could have found out about Mies' story, sold me bags full of stuffed animals, toys and delicacies and waved goodbye to us with the words, 'have fun together and see you next time’.