Does your store belong to the top?

Are their stores and brands in the Netherlands that belong to the real top? I do not think so! For me, a store is a top store when customers are pampered in such a way that they get homesick for that store. For me, top brands are those that customers feel most strongly connected with, identify with, and adjust their lifestyle.

At many reputable stores I get the feeling that I should be happy that I can buy there. This also applies to the departments or stores of A-brands. Most of the time I am helped aloof, if at all.

If a store or brand wants to belong to the real top, I advise them not to let their applicants apply, but to have them auditioned, cast them. Not only on the appearance and cleverness of the brain, but also on the interior and purity of the heart. Ongoing training in personal development ensures that authenticity is felt throughout the organization, alive, like a pure, beating heart.

Connecting employees, entering into sincere friendly relationships and guiding customers to appropriate choices in a natural way. The continuous process of improvement in making customers happy and happy.

For me, those are the shops and brands that belong to the absolute top!