Do you measure these 6 retail values?

Athletes measure their efforts to know whether they have made progress. That gives a kick. Working in retail is also a sport. What do you think, are retailers just as fanatical about measuring their work effort as they are about their sporting effort?

Suppose the answer is 'yes'. Is the effect of the effort made the same everywhere? That you feel just as seen, heard and welcome in all stores? I don't think so, because not every athlete is a top athlete.

To belong to the top as a store means a lot of practice and training, with a focus on these 6 retail values:

1. NPS value (customer satisfaction).
2. Conversion (share of buyers out of viewers).
3. APK (number of products per customer).
4. Average receipt amount.
5. Labor productivity (turnover per hour worked).
6. Staff satisfaction.

Measuring, coherence, interpretation, the resulting working method and its consistent implementation determine the success. Continuing to measure blindly because that's what we do is stupidity. What can we learn from the practice, the implementation, in relation to the figures?

Are the numbers falling? Don't complain about the bad weather or the grumpy customers, but put your hands in your chest and learn from the process. Good luck!