Customers want to be seduced!

Customers don't want to be king, they don't want a salesperson to bend over backwards. Customers want to be seduced. Not by smell, color, price and advertising, but by people. Fun, excitement, adventure and play, that's what they want. The feeling of love. However, often people themselves do not know that they have this desire: it is taboo to say that you want to be seduced and prefer to walk around in love all day without knowing why and with whom.

Thousands of people fall in love every day. That makes it a driving force in our society. Because whoever is in love buys, searches, invents, discovers the new and is creative. That's how you want to be. The essence of being in love is breaking habits, buying new things, visiting different places. It changes your life. Infatuation is a search for what pleases the other, lies awake, does not say but radiates. You can learn to love, it's an art, just like juggling. Attract attention by giving attention. Exclusive attention, as if the other person is the only one that matters.

Infatuation is for sale, infatuation is a trade for attention. A guerrilla action in the hormones of another. love marketing.

In many stores, they come across bored insecure salespeople. Predictable stores. No spark, no inspiration, no enthusiasm. It's time for a cover! It's time for attention, real attention to the customer. Not because the head office has come up with this, but because you as a seller want it yourself, here and now, in this place in this city.