Customers want to be caught

.. by taking them seriously, listening to them, in between the words. To hear what they don't say but want. Customers want to be packed by salespeople who understand their trade. That's what they come to the shops for, just that little bit more. Adventure and play, that's what sales are.

Fortunately, customers come across many "deaf" and "blind" salespeople, salespeople who don't even ask bored questions. As a result, customers look for places where there is an eye for them and a listening ear. Stores where sellers ask just that one extra question.

“Shall I deliver it to your home so that you have your hands free as you continue shopping?” or “Shall I pack it for you while you enjoy your cup of coffee?” Those stores are going to make it, those are the places where customers go. Not because we have to, but because we can. Shops with a gold bow.