Bring on the unvaccinated

When I look at the corona developments, I don't think it will be long before customers can only enter shops on presentation of a valid corona pass. Millions of unvaccinated people are left out, resulting in a sharp drop in the number of shop visits, with all the financial consequences that entails. Entrepreneurs, don't worry. With a little guts and creativity you will make more sales than ever before.

'Suddenly' millions of customers are no longer allowed to go to stores, they have nowhere to go. Be quick about that before the competition does. Put yourself in this growing group of people. How do they feel? Help them. Get them out of their isolation, give them personal attention, pamper them. You get it back a thousandfold. A mega opportunity to connect a large group of new customers to your company in one fell swoop.

Think outside the lines and look for the limits of the possibilities and the impossibilities. If the unvaccinated are no longer allowed to visit your company, visit them. Organize a fun 'event' for unvaccinated people under the name 'workshop', because that is allowed by law. Or give a 'house party' on location at your customers, as a private meeting. Make your shop mobile and visit your unvaccinated customers at home, guaranteed sales.

Bring on those unvaccinated, there is much more possible than you think.