Breakfast plate on the floor

It's almost midnight. I am shocked, suddenly I realize that I have not arranged a hotel. Where should I sleep now? I grab my mobile, my eye falls on Hotel Hogerhuys in Noordwijk aan Zee. Unfortunately, to be reached until 23:00. shit! I try anyway. I hear a voice, someone picks up.

A warm-sounding male voice says, "If you come right away, I'll wait for you, I was just about to go home." Upon arrival, the man shakes my hand and asks for my ticket. “Ah, that registration will come tomorrow too,” he says calmly as he hands me the room key. My stomach is rumbling. “Do you know if there is a restaurant open nearby where I can eat something?” He frowns, points to the sea and explains to me where I might still have a chance.

With two conquered croquette sandwiches I walk back to my hotel. In front of my room door is a breakfast plate on the floor with a salmon sandwich and a cheese sandwich, carefully wrapped in foil. There is a letter on it. "I don't think you got anything more, here's one more thing."

This family hotel has it all figured out. They think and act outside the box and invest in their customers to make them feel more than welcome. Congratulations!