Birth of the new retail

Our society is changing. People are becoming more and more aware, looking for the quality of life and are concerned with questions such as, “Who am I?” and “Why do I do the things I do?” The resulting values ​​such as happiness, health , trust and personal growth are at odds with the current economic values ​​of financial return, efficiency and effectiveness. They no longer cover what people want now. Retail is changing with it.

Self-confident customers look for stores where they can make a genuine connection, not to be ground into the mill of efficiency and effectiveness. Self-confident salespeople look for stores where management and management allow them to be themselves, where they can be seen and heard. Self-confident resilient entrepreneurs connect their business to our rapidly changing society with the following core values: personal development and connection.

Companies become communities, managers and sellers the co-owners. Customers are members, functions are talents and education is personality. An organic growth process that does not require a design or compass. The birth of the new retail.

ps. Due to corona and the ban on proximity and physical contact, we are looking for connection like never before. Touch is crucial. Then we feel inside that other people care about us, that makes us happy. That's why customers keep looking for connection and affection. We live in a particularly challenging time to be able to continue to connect despite the 1.5 meters away.

Right now!


Is your company ready for the New Retail? How do you deal with customers who forget to keep physical distance without rejecting them? Do your salespeople have the ability to connect with customers from 1.5 meters away? Are your salespeople able to connect and move with remotely connecting customers?

Teach your sales reps to connect, listen, and direct with customers in a new way. The warmer the contact, the smoother the shopping process. There is more time for each customer, invest in optimal relationship building. Are your salespeople better equipped than your con-colleagues to give customers what they come to store(s) for? Give them that! Welcome to the world of the New Retail.